Each CBL property partners with local organizations that matter most to our employees and their respective communities. Partnerships range from employee volunteerism, in-kind donations and partnerships with local non-profit organizations. Beyond our local focus, CBL has a strong commitment to supporting a broad range of causes.


We are proud to partner with a variety of national and Chattanooga-based non-profit organizations.

Learn more about our partners:

Kristina Circelli, Marketing Director - Volusia Mall

Daytona Beach offers so many opportunities to get involved, and it’s so important to show pride in our city and invest in helping it be its absolute best. To this end, I serve on the boards of the Volusia Young Professionals Group, Women United, and the Chamber’s Regional Business Connector Group.

These groups allow me to help connect young professionals in Volusia County, raise funds for local nonprofits, and partake volunteer opportunities, such as meal prepping for Hunger Fight, beach cleanups, hosting writing workshops for young authors, donation drives, and Habitat for Humanity. Through these opportunities, I’ve come to look at life in a more positive way, seeing everyone come together for such an amazing common cause – to build a stronger community for those now and who come after us.

At Women United, we always share our reason for "why" we serve, and mine is, "Because hope is inspiring and contagious."

Daniel Batchelor, General Manager - Stroud Mall

The team at Stroud recently used our volunteer hours to participate in a Habitat for Humanity build. When we stepped in, we were tasked with repairing interior damage caused by a leaky roof - we organized, primed and painted. Throughout the process, and over shared meals, we had the opportunity to talk more with the crew and homeowner. The owners father was in a rehabilitation facility in Arizona and her mother had recently passed away. Habitat stepped in to help before the project became too overwhelming. It means a lot to be able to help people in these situations. We all have a good idea of where we are headed in life, but we are never full prepared when the unexpected happens. Most of us think that we will never find ourselves in situations like this one, but things like this happen all the time. It's comforting to know that there are people and organizations willing and able to help.

Mary Lynn Morse, Vice President - Marketing

No child should have to worry about where they are sleeping tonight or if they are going to have something to eat which is why I volunteer for Family Promise, an organization dedicated to helping families achieve independence. Family Promise is not your typical shelter organization, it’s a coalition of congregations and synagogues coming together to house families especially those under-served such as two parent families, families with adolescents, and pregnant women. Family Promise doesn’t have a big staff, which is why it relies heavily on volunteers – I am just one small part of the over 5,000 volunteers who devote time to this worthwhile group every year.