Inclusion & Belonging

CBL has long valued an inclusive and welcoming environment for our employees and the communities we serve across the country. We celebrate and honor the diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that we derive from our team, our retailers, and our customers. In 2021, CBL introduced CBL Community, an internal and external initiative, to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to inclusion, belonging, equity, and diversity.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

CBL is committed to building an inclusive and welcoming environment for its employees and the communities it serves throughout the country. As we prioritize inclusion at CBL, our focus is on two things: results and values. To make our vision a reality, we introduced CBL Community—a group of dedicated employees who share a passion for inclusion, belonging, equity, and diversity.

CBL Community will help advance inclusion by:

  • Offering development opportunities for CBL employees to learn how to be consciously inclusive.
  • Identifying strategic partnerships that can help diversify the talent pipeline in commercial real estate.
  • Partnering with like-minded organizations seeking to make an impact through inclusion.
  • Enhancing representation of historically underrepresented groups in our marketing efforts and our supply chain.

Committee Members

Katie Reinsmidt

EVP, Chief Investment Officer, CBL Community Executive Sponsor

Maggie Carrington

SVP - People & Culture, CBL Community Co-Chair

Stacey Keating

VP - Corporate Communications, CBL Community Co-Chair

Alicia Brown

Tax Manager

Amy Myers

Specialty Leasing Manager, CherryVale Mall

Ashley Perrystein

Senior Accountant

Charlie Gwinn

Senior General Manager, Hanes Mall

Dexter Barnett

Lease Maintenance Analyst

Jill Ellingson

Administrative Assistant, CherryVale Mall

Kristina Circelli

Marketing Director, Volusia Mall

Lisa Harper

VP - Specialty Leasing

Nicole Burney

Senior Corporate Specialty Leasing Manager

Sandra Heymann

VP - Marketing

Sarah Kotelnicki

Marketing Director, Friendly Center

Susie Torres

Senior Marketing Director, Sunrise Mall

Taffany Britton

Specialty Leasing Manager, Hamilton Place